Here are early access screenshots of the gameplay, as well as several gameplay mechanics.
The game is set in a lost world filled with rich resources that players have to mine. There are 4 different types of resourses in game: STONE, WOOD, GOLD and FOOD. Each of them can be exchanged for other one.
Players will have to choose their development strategy: extract a certain resource and improve their buildings as quickly as possible. Or develop several areas at the same time, creating a more functional production. This will ensure independence and security from market fluctuations.
The in-game inventory will hold an infinite number of items for crafting.
Deposit/withdraw of tokens is carried out through the in-game exchange:
For the withdrawal of resources into tokens, players are charged a fee. This indicator is variable, it may vary from 1 to 8% depending on the market situation.
To enter the game you will be able to use the following options: