Q: Do we have to click every hour to be able to farm our ressources? If so I think this is pretty bad because there will be a lot of bot abuse which would make it unfair for normal players that cant click every hour.

A: With the release of the game will be available option 1 click per hour. But after a short period of time we plan to increase the interval.

Q: question deleted

A: Things are growing now, and it's inspiring. Everything depends on the community and the mood of liquidity providers (early investors) So our task is to maintain growth. This is not different from the goals of any startup, so I don't see any problems here. We are already making steps which will allow us to grow 5 times in 2 months. Maybe other teams don't look at it as a business and for them it is winning the lottery. In our case, it was a planned action. To become the biggest game on WAX and we are glad that this goal has not been reached yet!

Q: Could you tell us about the background and experience of development team? How will they carry out your project during this current pandemic?

A: All in good time. With regard to the situation with the pandemic - we have a very responsible approach to the matter and comply with all regulations and recommendations to prevent its spread.

Q: question deleted

A: The main thing is not how much time, but how much attention. In 2011 I had a economic strategy game with 200thousand users. The main experience for this kind of games is from there. But there is a slight difficulty here in that the game is connected to the real economy. Classic games are isolated from that. Also, it's all up to the whales here, as they will be driving the economy.

Q: question deleted

A: In fact, work with Influencers is closed information. But I will answer your question. You can see who the influencer pack was sent to in waxbloks by memo. In case the Influencer is not hiding his financial relationship, we indicate this information in the memo.

Q: Will you fight against multi-accounts, or is it not profitable for you?

A: Smartblending and multi-level system solves the problem with multi-accounts.

Q: There is a lot of excitement around the game even before the start, will such a great popularity affect the availability of entry for new players, and how the development team is going to solve this issue? What I'm trying to say is that entry for a newbie into the game will be very expensive.

A: Unfortunately, we don't control the price of entry into the game. It is controlled by the market and the users themselves. We set the pass price at ~$75. And the market has priced them at $1300 as of today. How much will NFT cost - we calculated in our spreadsheets that NFT price should be at $100 But obviously the price has changed and we will need to revisit the economic model before launching again.

Q: question deleted

A: Up to level 3, the numbers are final. We are looking at the distribution of resources among users. Especially important is the distribution of tokens between users. After this event we will update the numbers. But they will not be very different from what you have seen.

Q: when is the exact date game relase ?

A: The development process is a complicated thing. But be that as it may, our goal to launch the game at the end of January remains unchanged. We are working hard to meet your expectations.

Q: What is the game's launch date?

A: We don't want to give a specific date. For a successful launch we need: - to test the current functionality (we hope to get help from the community on this issue) - finalize the economics of the game (it largely depends on the number and distribution of nft among the players) - audit of smart contracts - soft-lunch (test run to limit the number of coins available for mining and the number of nft available for minting) We do everything qualitatively and will launch when we are ready. So far everything is going according to plan. The functionality of the game is ready. A separate issue is the beauty of the game, as you see we are doing quality interfaces and animations and it also takes time.

Q: question deleted

A: As has been repeatedly stated Packs with buildings will no longer be released. All further buildings players will create for in-game resources.

Q: Do you plan to list your token on other exchanges in the near future (other than Alcor)?

A: Yes we are planning to launch the token on other platforms. You can see this information on our website in the roadmap section.

Q: question deleted

A: Let's run the game, see how the economy behaves, and then let's have some wars.

Q: How will your make sure the game will be sustainable in long term? Do you have any concrete plan or strategy on how you will sustain the economy in long term?

A: We have a planned schedule of updates that will support the project in the long term

Q: question deleted

A: Yes we are planning a phone version and it is indicated in the roadmap.

Q: What is your solution when the time comes where certain building is not profitable anymore because it is negative in profit?

A: As I said above, from level 6-7 all cards will slowly become not profitable and the game from profitable turns into a collection game.

Q: question deleted

A: Future updates will apply mechanics in which you can use the mined resources.

Q: question deleted

A: - Blend3 Blend5

  • Card Grading

  • 10+ years of experience in entertainment development

  • Powerful Network in the Gaming Industry

  • Experience with venture capital and understanding of M&A processes

  • Honey Mamma We have the unfair advantage of having a huge amount of experience and a complete focus on Space. And also the fact that we are new to crypto - and we will do things our own way. Competitors think very narrowly.

Q: Do pass holders have in-game benefits?

A: At the moment we are considering suggestions from the community. There are many interesting ideas, but they are still under discussion.

Q: what is the final decision whether will clck every 1/3/6/12 hours? lets us know.

A: At the moment 1 click per hour but we plan to increase in the future.

Q: Do we have a maximum Influencer pack number? Or will those packs be minted anytime?

A: No use of this community engagement mechanism will be limited

Q: What token price do you predict in the early stages ? When will the listing of tokens be?

A: Token listing is planned for this week. No one knows the future so we will refrain from predictions.

Q: Do you have a marketing plan after selling resources?

A: Of course! We've already built a marketing department. Say hello to Honey Mama! Our main bet is on Influencer marketing. First it's crypto youtubers and Ticktockers. And then the classic gaming influencers. Also, our partners successfully get traffic from tiktok through targeting. We will try this channel as well. We have big plans for further integration of the game with other platforms. All this will be accompanied by powerful marketing messages.

Q: For upcoming sale, was snapshot already taken? Mostly interested in community sale, it says you need to hold at least 1 NFT, do people that buy it today/tomorrow can get whitelisted?

A: Snapshot will be done for premium pass holders. You have to have 1 nft of the project to participate in the community sale, this is the only prerequisite.

Q: How confident are you about the safety of the game? Have you already tested it for most of the vulnerabilities? Will it not be such that your token will be hacked, like DMT

A: We see this question as very important too! Yes, we will double-check all the contracts. We plan to spend the money from the sale on an audit of smart contracts by professionals.

Q: Many new projects make a good impression at first but are suddenly abandoned. My question is, how will you manage the project and the token to get a position in the market and become the best token in the crypto world?

A: The best token in the world was already created 8 years ago. Burning NFT should stop token inflation and the utility of each resource should drive the price of tokens up.

Q: Do you plan to do marketing operations and attract new players from WAX blockchain or even from other blockchains ? How many percentage of your profit will be invested for marketing ?

A: Good question. We don't plan it that way. It's a venture capital story. A successful launch on WAX opens the door for us. We'll raise money for the next phase, which is launching on other blockchains. That's a separate budget and a separate strategy. In simple terms, the money we'll get from the game won't be enough to launch on a larger battleground. We talk to other projects and we know the numbers and it's well over a million.

Q: what do you think would be the game future? Is it gonna be like a farm game only one click and done or it would be like RPG game in the future?but I hope it would upgrade in some point like you can control the character ingame,puzzle game, PvP battle

A: Unfortunately, we are limited to blockchain functionality here. Of course we can remove decnetralization and build any game on top of coins. But this could go against the expectations of the community. Our partners say that we can bring the logic that requires fast processing to our servers. But we don't think it will be a crypto game anymore. So it will be a strategy game. Where you will have to think and strategize. Definitely not a shooter. As for the numbers - everything will depend on the economy. Perhaps PVP will be an opportunity for new players to enter. Making the game is not a problem. But we will go further and make best NFT game.

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