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Exclusive NFT

You can get unique NFTs
You will need at least one NFT to play! You can buy any of the NFTs available on the market or get them from the packs. As you can see from the illustrations, there are four types to choose from: Gold Mine, Stone Quarry, Lumber Mill and Food Farm.
Skeleton miners are the best labor force: they eat little and think even less.
Gold mines have always attracted fools who want to get rich quick and start a new life of luxury. But the thirst for extraction is great and sooner or later many of them forgot their original goals and then their families, friends and even their food needs. They all turned into skeletons whose only purpose was the relentless search for more and more gold nuggets.
Dwarf's favorite expression: You can get the stone faster if you do it with dynamite.
The consequences of the great war are terrible. Many nations lost everything they had but the dwarves suffered the most. Their people were almost completely erased from the pages of history. But the race of gnomes is rapidly reviving and they are ready to work hard again mining stone in their domain. But so far the stone pits are silently waiting for the moment when the dwarves return and make the picks and shovels rattle in them once more.
Ogres chop logs like sausage. But next to them it is better not to joke about sausage.
The sound of axes and swords fell silent, and in the ruins of the old world, the survivors realized that they would need more strong and hardy workers to rebuild their economy and production. So an alliance was made with the Ogres, who agreed to leave their shelters in the impregnable mountains and work in the lumber mills to help the other peoples rebuild their world destroyed by war.
The elves mastered cooking and became the best agronomists in this new world.
No one expected that a small fight on the border of the kingdoms of elves and dwarves would lead to a global war that destroyed the entire industry. However, the wise elf elders managed to create an ark with all the plant seeds known to the world, which allowed them to become the most successful farmers after the war ended.
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