Q: Is there in the game a fee to withdraw ?

A: Yes there will be a fee but its size is negotiable now

Q: Any plans to increase the maximum available NFT slots above 5?The current system forces us to equip our best 5 NFT until we can blend our weaker ones,so some NFTs will end up beign unused.

A: It will be more advantageous to use blending NFTs because any blending will give you more performance, it is better to put a higher level building in those 5 slots than to create a second account. But we will think about increasing the slots. Thanks for the question.

Q:Will there be only 5 slots or in future we'll be able to get more by buying with the tokens?

A: There are only 5 slots at the moment, but we'll think about expanding. If there will be one, it will be free, so as not to force people to do multi-accounts.

Q: What is you verification status on Atomic Hub? When will we be able to see an orange checkmark?

A: There are legal issues that need to be resolved

Q: What will be the burning of the token?

A: You won't get anything by burning nft, you don't need to do that

Q: People are annoyed by the monotony, especially when the world is full of different things. How are you going to retain the audience, and would you like to create a subsidiary project for a different topic, in my opinion, no one has done this before

A: At the moment all our efforts are focused on the implementation of the current project. In terms of audience retention, we already have some ideas for new mechanics that will be added in the future

Q: Payback forecasts for different levels of nft?

A: If we're talking about a payback forecast in terms of how many resources it takes to create a build similar to the one you're currently generating a resource. This figure will be between 20 and 45 days, depending on the build, rarity and level. But we all know that the rate of tokens affects the payback, so when the rate rises, these figures can be many times faster.

Q: Can you tell us about the project development plan? Now many are afraid to go into projects for you because they don't live for a long time, a couple of saves and then the developers throw their brainchild. Do you have any guarantees for users?

A: Play 2 Earn games is a new concept that has not yet been fully explored. The main difficulty of such games is that they are connected to the real economy. And in a real economy, as you know, there are ups and downs. The stock market sometimes goes down, sometimes it goes up. It is the buyers and sellers themselves who control the market. Everything will depend not on us as developers, but on the users themselves who will be mining resources in the game and selling them on the market. From our side we will do everything in our power to balance the economy. Also an important factor is the user acquisition. This is the task of the marketing team. We are planning many collaborations with bloggers and also to reach out to Binance as the biggest channel of new users.

Q: How many buildings are we able to stake? Is there a limit ?

A: Right now there are only 5 buildings, but we see that many people are concerned about this issue, maybe we'll expand this. It's not a difficult task.

Q: Level 1 tools seem way better than leveling them up, was that a typo or what do you plan to do?

A: It is much more profitable to improve buildings. And yes, there was a mistake in the whitepaper that will be corrected soon.

Q: Why are there such small chances of more rare NTFs in packs?

A: Rare nfts greatly increase the level of resource extraction.

Q: When will the token pack go on sale?

A: Token packs will be sold after the main sale. Stay tuned for announcements and channel news.

Q: Are guilds planned in the project? Or, for example, will it be possible to lease gold mines? Could you share something interesting from the upcoming events?

A: It's a long term prospect, the guilds will appear after the PVP mode. Renting other buildings won't be possible. The next big event will be issuing bonus packs for all premium and starter packs owners.

Q: is there burn mechanism with your token in future?

A: Direct combustion is not considered. This role is performed by smart blending.

Q: question deleted

A: The Premium Pass gives you access to all future sales as well. Don't forget that there are resource packs sales ahead. And later you will need characters to participate in pvp.

Q: How will you balance the ownership between whales and regular players when there is unli production of tools. Will you add controls on max tokens that can be withdrawn?

A: is fixed and improving, in a few days it will be open in white paper

Q: question deleted

A: We didn't copy FW, we took the economic model that the whole crypto game community is interested in now. I think you can see it yourself by the attention to WarSpace.

Q: question deleted

A: There will be only one major sale. We feel that for the start of the game, the allocated number of packs is enough to build up the initial economy. All subsequent nfts can be created by the players for resources mined in the game or bought on the exchanger.

Q: Is there a lock-in period to withdraw earned resources when game starts?

A: No. Anything that the player has earned he can immediately use at his discretion.

Q: The problem of token inflation in the game is always a difficult problem, so does Warspace have any plan to solve this problem effectively?

A: For this purpose, there is a system of smart blending, as well as the possibility to exchange buildings for fewer resources will be introduced. This will give even more variability will reduce the number of tokens that will be in general circulation.

But the most important thing is ahead, pvp mode will please you, there you will need current resources.

Q: The game currently supports eax, which networks are you planning to add?

A: After the full launch and introduction of all modes, this concept will be launched at the BSC.

Q: question deleted

A: All scheduled giveaways will be held through neftybloks

Q: question deleted

A: Everything will depend on the prices on the market, which we cannot control. Like the website says, the whole economy is in the hands of the players!

Q: question deleted

A: Any PVP mechanic in any game is a loss for one player and a gain for the other. We have to be very careful with this because it's connected to the real economy and real money. We would love to see a live stream on Twitch of two Warspace players fighting in PVP mechanics for a million. It could be very emotional and inspiring! Just imagine - one wrong move and one of the players loses. This opens up a whole box of legal problems that we have yet to solve. So we are going to be very careful in this matter. Because we have limitations in the form of blockchain speed we are very limited in mechanics. It's definitely not going to be a real-time shooter where you have to be reactive. And it will definitely require skill and strategic thinking.

Q: Do you have a strategy and plan to attract new players, please share more with us?

A: Yes, we are planning an extensive marketing campaign, collaborations with bloggers, youtubers and other blockchain projects

Q: Will the NFT of other projects boost a farm in warspace?

A: No. There is no such option.

Q: how many nft need for starting game?

A: One NFT is enough, but you will need to exchange the resource that you mine to maintain the board production.

Q: When will the site be adapted for different platforms ?

A: The site should be functioning now on all devices. If you mean the game mode, the demo version was just released for this purpose, we collected feedback - and we will be able to change, adapt and implement all the wishes that we received.

Q: will we be able to craft craft rare and epic buildings right after the game release?

A: You will only be able to craft buildings of normal rarity. You can get rare or epic buildings by smartblending.

Q: How much cards lvl1 we need to craft lvl6, i made research - 1650 nft lvl1, i thik it's mistake, it's impossible

A: Now I will not tell you the exact figure, but it is in the region of 200 nft 1 level. It's definitely not 1,650

Q: After the public sale , in the future we can see another public sale ?

A: The sale of packs with buildings - No. They are limited! There will be a sale of resource packs.

Q: Is there going go be an actual gameplay not the click and wait?

A: Our project is an economic game based on resource extraction.

Q: Many projects fail because they do not understand their target audience and their customer so I want to ask who is the most targeted customer for your project?

A: Good question. You must be familiar with marketing. The thing is, classic game performance marketing doesn't work here. Period. There are three reasons for that: 1) It's not games, it's a new form of financial tools in a game shell. 2) It's all anonymous. And this imposes restrictions on tracking and analysis of users and makes the purchase inefficient 3) There are high checks and people don't buy here impulsively, they analyze, study the product, and make informed decisions with an understanding of the risks.

We know the audience of crypto. This is already a fairly mature market with a lot of analytical reports and data. We were based on that when we chose the game's setting. And in general, the entire strategy was based on the audience. We have been in the gaming market for a long time and we understand how products should be built.

Q: Will there be a cooldown when buying premium pack? Can we buy more than 1?

A:Only one Premium Pack can be purchased for one account. Buying the standard one has a 1 minute wait time.

Q: At the last AMA session, you said that you want to create an in-game store with payment via a card, so that can buy there. And the prices will be relative to the market ? You don't think it will be a vulnerability. After all, a person can put a price of $ 2 on the market, although the price is at least $ 100. And to buy all the nft is very cheap through the in-game store.

A: We see the possibility of accepting payments as a marketing channel and a way to get users who have not used crypto before. Our goal is to get new players. And give them an easy way to enter. You as miners will only benefit from this. Because a new player will need resources and NFT's and you will sell them to him.

Q: I want to ask about the plans to restrict the multi accounts in the game, the Whales who own 20 passages and about the plans and floor price of newbies to enter the game after the sale end

A: It's a market we won't be able to influence prices. Blockchain gives you that freedom, and I think a lot of people are here because they are influencing the game themselves.

Q: What's the use case of the premium pass after the sale? Will it be stakable?

A: Premium pass will be used for future sales.

Q: Will you disclose your identities for greater confidence?

A: Part of it is done, as far as possible so far.

Q: I hope the tokens will need to be used not only for withdrawal, otherwise the rate will only fall

A: Tokens will be used to craft new nfts and to improve the levels of existing buildings.

Q: Almost all the Play to Earn games I've played face token depreciation. How will you solve this problem so that I, as an investor, can count on the growth of your project in the long term?

A: Limited nft release, smart blending, pvp mode, and attracting a new audience.

Q: How do you plan to get people to play the game you’ve created and what specific marketing channels are you using?

A: No. The game will only have 5 slots available for your nfts.

Q: How do you plan to get people to play the game you’ve created and what specific marketing channels are you using?

A: For a Wax audience, the best way to attract attention is with banners - you'll see that tomorrow But we use all channels: colloborations with other collections, youtube reviews, telegram and discord posts.

Q: Due to the rather high price of the pass, there will be a lot of hype in the public sale, will you take any measures to prevent bot interference?

A: These actions have already been taken, more details in the announcements and descriptions of the sales themselves. But we will not be able to influence if bots will be buying nft already from the market.

Q: Do y plan metaverse with any other project?

A: This is a philosophical question. It depends on what you mean by the word Metaverse. To build a really large-scale project that can be called the Metaverse will take 10-20 million dollars and 2-3 years. We are now focused on launching the game and are not ready to divert to large-scale ideas yet. First we have to prove to the crypto community that we can make a successful product. And then move on to larger-scale projects.

Q: How many building cards can we hold in the game? Can I add a slot to the card? Hold the EPIC card, can I get a dragon ? So what can the dragon do?

A: You can only use 5 nft to mine game resources. The number of nfts in your backpack is unlimited.

Q: What platforms do you plan to release your token to and how many tokens should we expect?

A: The most popular platform is the decentralized exchanger Alcor. Tokens will be limited to their availability in resource packs. Opening all these resources packs will still be less than already existing nfts.

Q: If the BEAR market comes, will your token probably dump? Do you have any plan to prepare for this bear market? How will you handle the panic sell?

A: Game tokens are not tied to the general cryptocurrency market. They are only tied to supply and demand within the game. But if cryptocurrency markets go down, it is logical that income in $ will also decrease.

Q: We also need a premium pass nft for purchasing token packs right?

A: There will be a sale of token packs only for premium pass holders as well as public sale of token packs.

Q: What are you planning to change in the game prior to release? How long will it take? Now the interface is a little unfinished, sometimes it is not clear which platforms you choose to enter, there is a long animation of windows moving out, and there is no button animation, there is no saving the user in the game (and you have to re-enter each time), and much more.

A: What you see are prepared materials that were prepared some time ago. We work on SCRUM and these interfaces were prepared a couple of sprints ago. So far, we are on schedule. Killing dragons and cows has slowed us down a little bit. But that was the most important thing. We realized how important the community is!

Q: Will be any reclaming on atomic or other site?

A: Tomorrow the banners on atomichub, I think you will appreciate them

Q: Will you list tokens on Alcor? When will you list them ?

A: An alcore listing is planned before the launch of the game.

Q: In addition to the giveaways, will the roles in the discore have any other uses?

A: After NFTs in-game appear, new roles will be created that are responsible for which NFTs you own. Message roles will remain, but they will not play the same function as they do now.

Q: What makes you unique with other nft games?

A: Naming. Unique Brand. Classic Proven Setting. We are different from all crypto games. They're all about the future, cyberpunk, etc. And we went into classic fantasy. War. Orcs. Elves. And it worked! That's why such a hype was formed. We got it right!

Q: There will be any land to sell?

A: We're thinking about it.

Q: What's your plans for next month?

A: All news will be in the announcements, there are a lot of plans. Every day there will be something new. Barring contests and drops. The important point is the launch of the test version of the game itself, checking smart contracts, bug finding and the main launch.

Q: Have you anticipated the possible damage of unlimited crafting of tools in game? What is your long term solution for this issue (aside from blending)?

A: Increase levels for upgrades - a maximum of 12. Return fewer tokens for destroying your buildings and pvp mode.

Q: After launching the game and releasing all the packs, will there be any giveaways ? and how can new players start playing? Only buying packs from the secondary market ?

A: After the launch of the game, we will continue to actively develop the community through giveaways, contests, and collaborations. New players in the future will be able to buy tokens on the alcor exchange and use them to craft nfts for the game.

Q: How long have you spent developing the game?

A: The first steps in developing this project were taken last October/November.

Q: question deleted

A: It is very unlikely that we will see a crypto winter. Too much money is being invested by serious venture capital funds in crypto. And money from the gaming market is flowing into metaverse as well. Money from other markets such as ART is also flowing in. We're talking to big crypto and game funds now. Everyone is very positive and not worried. We came to metaverse to build products and generate value inside the metaverse. Not outside. Personally I believe that in 10 years the total capitalization of meta-assets will be more than the capitalization of all real assets (houses, cars, companies) I may be underestimating the time horizon, but it will definitely happen.

Q: You are not afraid that the same situation will happen as with the farmers world, just a little later. How will you deal with it ? You have 2 main tokens - food and gold, farmers world - 1, wood.

A: The only way to deal with an overabundance of tokens is to burn it, but then it won't generate income for players. Now we want to create a self-sufficient economy, and by the time there will be a possible surplus of tokens - new modes will appear, where it will be necessary to use mined tokens to achieve the next progress.

Q: question deleted

A: We plan to launch the project at the end of January.

Q: question deleted

A: Yes, we will post the announcement of the main sale on the atomic hub

Q: question deleted

A: No. The cost of packs is constant and does not depend on the rate of wax.

Q: question deleted

A: The Premium pass will be used in future sales so keep it closer to you.

Q: Please tell me if there will be a sale of resource packs? If there was such a question, sorry.

A: Yes, as previously reported, the sale of packs with resources is planned.

Q: accounts with more than one Premium Pass can buy more packs at the private sale ?

A: You can only buy one premium pack per account.

Q: question deleted

A: Unfortunately, we are limited to blockchain functionality here. Of course we can remove decnetralization and build any game on top of coins. But this could go against the expectations of the community. Our partners say that we can bring the logic that requires fast processing to our servers. But we don't think it will be a crypto game anymore. So it will be a strategy game. Where you will have to think and strategize. Definitely not a shooter. As for the numbers - everything will depend on the economy. Perhaps PVP will be an opportunity for new players to enter. Making the game is not a problem. But we will go further and make best NFT game.

Q: question deleted

A: Good question. We don't plan it that way. It's a venture capital story. A successful launch on WAX opens the door for us. We'll raise money for the next phase, which is launching on other blockchains. That's a separate budget and a separate strategy. In simple terms, the money we'll get from the game won't be enough to launch on a larger battleground. We talk to other projects and we know the numbers and it's well over a million.

Q: question deleted

A: The current build was created on the developer's account. When we will build it in production, it will use the account with the PRO unity license.

Q: question deleted

A: The best token in the world was already created 8 years ago. Burning NFT should stop token inflation and the utility of each resource should drive the price of tokens up.

Q: question deleted

A: We see this question as very important too! Yes, we will double-check all the contracts. We plan to spend the money from the sale on an audit of smart contracts by professionals.

Q: question deleted

A: Unfortunately, we don't control the price of entry into the game. It is controlled by the market and the users themselves. We set the pass price at ~$75. And the market has priced them at $1300 as of today. How much will NFT cost - we calculated in our spreadsheets that NFT price should be at $100 But obviously the price has changed and we will need to revisit the economic model before launching again.

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